the adventure of adam bomb

Longtime followers of The Hundreds are well-acquainted with our mascot, Adam Bomb.

Three years into our LA-based streetwear brand, Ben suggested to Bobby that he draw a character-version of the Solid Bomb that The Hundreds had already been running as an icon.

photo of bobby and ben

Bobby stayed up late illustrating an anticipative bomb, inspired by Saturday Morning cartoons and vintage advertising mascots. The black, red, white, and yellow color combination was stolen from Mickey Mouse. His silent nature was derived from Garfield. And, the notion of him being our imaginary sidekick pointed back to Calvin and Hobbes. Metaphorically, the bomb never totally explodes, but is always on the verge, riding the line.

Bobby working on computer in early days
adam bomb saying "I need a name!"and his name shall be... adam!

In the early hours of the morning, Bobby blogged the character and asked The Hundreds’ followers to name him. Of the thousands of entries, two different people suggested Adam Bomb. Bobby loved the idea of giving an anthropomorphic sidekick a human name, like Brian Griffin, the dog from Family Guy.

Initially, Adam Bomb had a tough time getting off the ground. His first cameo was on the back of a Freshjive collaboration T-shirt in 2006. He was then incorporated onto a crewneck sweatshirt. But, it wasn’t until he was re-introduced as a basketball (Bridge Burners Adam), that he gained traction in the marketplace.

person skateboarding wearing hundreds merch
person wearing madam bomb merch

Along the way, Bobby illustrated two more bombs to round out Adam’s world: Madam Bomb and Badam Bomb. Madam was the face of a short-lived women’s component for The Hundreds called Tens. Badam popped up as the dark antagonist. Together, the three comprise the Adam Bomb Squad.

the hundreds dog catcher

Adam Bomb never explodes, but he definitely blew up. Over the past 15 years, he’s become the face of not only The Hundreds, but a streetwear generation. He shows up on skaters and celebrities, at awards shows and in music videos. Adam Bomb’s guest-starred in Pixar movies and topped the tallest Times Square billboard.

talk show host standing next to street wear logos with adam bomb logo on it
the game wearing The Hundreds merch
Travis Scott showing off tattoo of adam bomb

Today, Adam Bomb has become one of the most recognizable and well-loved mascots in fashion, proudly carried as a streetwear badge, as a status symbol, or to notify the world that you’re part of a movement. As the physical world continues to cross over to the metaverse, however, we see the next iteration of Adam Bomb Squad representation as NFTs.

adam bomb logo on billboard in LA

The Hundreds’ community has been collecting Adam, Badam, and Madam for years. Existing fans correlate specific memories with favorite bombs. Newer collectors are adding their own generational meaning to Adam Bomb Squad. But now, everyone can not only gather and promote The Hundreds’ bombs on their backs, they can own them as NFTs and share in the upside of their success. This project is not only a fun history lesson, but a means to erasing the lines between identity, community, and ownership.

adam bomb nftadam bomb nftadam bomb nftmadam bomb nft
crowd of people with man holding skateboard with adam bomb logo on it
adam bomb squad logo

Wear your bombs on hoodies and in the physical world. Wear your bombs on your profiles and in the metaverse. Join the Adam Bomb Squad today. This is where the future of fashion begins.