How many bombs are there?

We are issuing 25,000 bombs at launch. We will “blow up” any bombs that don’t sell within the window. The Hundreds is also retaining 5% (1250) of the bombs to be dispersed to the community for future causes.

That’s a lot of NFTs compared to other popular projects. Why so many?

Because we aren’t basing our collectibles off what’s happened in the past. We are planning for the future.

Many of the recent NFT projects hover around the 10,000 mark because of the precedent that Larva Labs set with CryptoPunks in 2017. It’s now 2021 and the audience for NFTs has grown exponentially. 

We are at the starting line for Web3 and foresee hundreds of millions of people pouring into the metaverse over the next several years. In some ways, 25,000 NFTs does not seem nearly enough, especially when you consider we’ve had over half a million customers over the life of The Hundreds.

In fact, if it weren’t for bandwidth and logistics issues, we’d accommodate as many people as possible and give them elbow room in a frothy market. The common complaint is that these NFT collectibles sell out too quickly and are priced out of reach on the secondary market. 25,000 NFTs gives our community their best shot at getting in early for a reasonable, base price. 

How much are bombs?

Adam Bomb Squad NFTs are 0.1 ETH, with volume pricing at 5 bombs and 10 bombs.

Why that price?

We’ve been working on Adam Bomb Squad since February of this year and the mint price was always envisioned at 0.1 ETH regardless of the market’s ups and downs. 

We aren’t basing our project around what anyone else is doing. We aren’t an NFT project that’s been imagined over 18 weeks or 18 days. Adam Bomb Squad is built off the back of our knowledge, experience, and brand maintenance over the last 18 years. Considering our roadmap, the bombs’ utilities, and the thousands of hours that the industry’s best designers and artists have invested into these bombs over time, we think 0.1 ETH is more than fair. These weren’t drawn by a computer. Every bomb and background carries a history that’s accessible in the metadata.

When we first entered streetwear in 2003, we set our T-shirts at $28 USD, which was considered high for the market at the time. But, we had a greater vision for the life of the brand and also believed our art and stories were deserving of the price tag. Eventually, our competitors caught up and we helped shift the perception of T-shirt value. We believe the same will happen with NFTs.

How do I buy an Adam Bomb Squad NFT?

First, you need a crypto bank like Coinbase. Then, you take Ethereum from Coinbase and deposit it into your crypto wallet (MetaMask). Finally, when you visit our website, you’ll be asked to log on to your MetaMask.

Here’s a brief explainer video we made to connect some dots. Also, please join our Discord where our community is happy to help you.

I bought one and all I see is this giant question mark.

The specific Adam Bomb Squad NFT you receive will be revealed soon after the sale completes. No one will know which bomb they receive until after the sale ends. The “Question Mark Bomb” is not an official bomb and is only a visual placeholder until after the reveal.

Once the Adam Bomb Squad NFTs have been revealed, you will have to go to your NFT(s) on OpenSea and press ‘refresh metadata’ button, just below ‘Sell’.

What is an NFT?

Great question. In some ways, we still don’t know either! Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having trouble understanding the concept. Back in February, Bobby wrote an essay breaking down NFTs. Maybe it’ll help you. 

Since I bought an Adam Bomb Squad NFT, does that mean I have the rights to this design?

No. NFTs do not transfer over any rights or licensing to the intellectual property. These are collectibles. Just like if you buy an original painting, you can’t go out and sell replicas of the artwork. And if you buy a pair of Nike shoes, you don’t own the Swoosh design. 

I’ve heard that NFTs are bad for the environment. Why are you contributing to the problem?

Yes, all crypto technology is harmful to the environment because the coins are mined by physical computers, which – as you know - consume energy. Read our whitepaper to learn how these practices are changing, along with the suggestion that NFTs and the metaverse can alleviate wastefulness in the physical world. 

This is stupid. NFTs are a scam. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Since the early 2000s, we’ve heard the same doubts and criticism about blogging our lifestyles, selling streetwear T-shirts for $28 (when you could just buy one off the H&M rack for $14), and supporting the hype economy. And maybe they were right. But, we also know the light and benefits this brand has brought into our community’s lives over the years.  

We are of the mindset that NFTs and metaverse living are not just the near future, but the now. But if this is not up your alley, you’ll lead a perfectly happy existence without it. It’s just not the right project for you and we thank you for entertaining the idea.